Studies of Residual dust from Aluminum phosphide
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If Aluminum phosphide is exposed to moisture from the air,it will release phosphine gas which kills the insects.If properly exposed,the residual dust remaining after a fumigation will be a grayish-white powder.This will be a nonharzardous waste and contain only a small amount of unreacted aluminum phosphide.


It is permissible abroad to apply the aluminum phosphide directly into the raw agricultural products.Then the residual dust can be blown off before transit or processing .When applying the bags of aluminum phosphide,the residual dust will be collected with the bags.It is also easy to collect the residual dust from the aluminum phosphide put on the tray,sheet of kraft paper or foil.If properly disposed,the residual dust may be no harzard to environment.


Phosphine is nearly not dissolved in water or fat. It is stable under normal temperature and not reacts with the fumigated commodities.So after fumigation,there is no influence on the germination percentage of seeds and quality of commodities.


Residual aluminum phosphide permitted(in foods):

Unprocessed grain:≤0.05mg/kg(PH3)

Processed foods(four,rice,etc.) ≤0.01mg/kg(PH3)

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