Toxicology data of Hydrogen Phosphide
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         Aluminum Phosphide are acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce hydrogen phosphide gas which is highly toxic to insects,humans and their forms of animal life.

1 .Toxity:

Phosphine is highly toxic to humans ,insects and other forms of animal life.It’s tested that phosphide can not accumulate to make humans be slowly poisoned.The higher limited of the phosphine concernatration(MAC Value)is 0.3vpm.But during a fumigation,it is permissible to exceed this concerntration temporarity.

2. Harzards to Humans:

Mild exposure by inhalation cases malaise(indefinite feeling of sickness),ringing in the ears ,fatigue,nausea and pressure in the chest which is relieved by removal to fresh air.Moderate poisoning may occur within a few hours to several days resulting in pulmonary edema(fluid in lungs)and may lead to dizziness,cyanosis(blue or purple skin color),unconsciousness and death.

In sufficient quantity,phosphine affects the liver,kidneys,lungs,nervous system and circulatory system.Inhalation can cause lung edema(fluid in lungs)and hyperemia(excess of blood in body parts),small perivascular brain hemorrhages and brain edema(fluid in brain).

3.First aid:

In all cases of over-exposure,remove victim to fresh air,keep warm and make sure the person can breathe freely.If breath has stopped,give artificial respiration by mouth-to-mouth or other means of resuscitation.Get medical attention immediately.

If aluminum phosphide is swallowed,drink or administer one or two glasses of water and induce vomiting by touching back of throat with finger,or if available,syrup of ipcac.Do not give anything by mouth if victim is unconscious or not alert..If dust from aluminum phosphide gets in eyes,flush with plenty of water.

4. Medical treatment:

To over exposure of phosphine,there is no effective medicine.Get medical attention to the exposed person,symptoms of overexposure 


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